Digital Inclusion

Research and Analysis

Publication in 2023

An oral presentation was presented by DIHA study co-PI Professor Carol Ma, with a title of

The Voice of Older Adults on Digital Inclusion for Healthy Community in Singapore:

Authors: Carol Ma, Elizabeth Teo Wai Choo, Myo Nyein Aung , Yuka Koyanagi

Presented at the GSA Conference 2023

Publication in 2022

Publication of DIHAC policy review 

A new publication of international collaboration: “Digital-Based Policy and Health Promotion Policy in Japan, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, and Thailand: A Scoping Review of Policy Paths to Healthy Aging” has been Published.
Review article   Press release 

Publication of DIHAC study protocol

In order to invite international collaboration and replication of the study across different countries and culture, we published DIHAC study protocol.

Protocol article 

DIHAC policy review meetings

DIHAC meetings are regularly conducted bi-monthly in 2022 and monthly in 2021. Academics and researchers from around the world can join DIHAC meeting by invitation and discuss with DIHAC researchers to exchange evidence, experiences and enthusiasm. Up to June 2023, DIHAC meetings have been organized for 17 times internationally.

DIHAC Meeting reports

9th DIHAC policy review meeting
Date 28th February 2022

Eminent presenters are professors and researchers from ROK, Malaysia and China about healthy ageing, digital intervention and health system.
Participants from Japan, ROK, Singapore, Thailand, Kenya, China, India, Malaysia and Nepal
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8thth DIHAC policy review meeting 

It was a virtual meeting conducted by Zoom on 15 December 2021 and participants included experts and researchers from China, India, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand to conduct a comprehensive review of ageing and digital policies in Asia and Southeast Asia.

Conference presentations in 2021

1. Title: Thailand Towards Digitization– the past, the present, the future, and the gray digital gap

Authors: Saiyud Moolphate, Nadila Mulati, Thin Nyein Nyein Aung, Motoyuki Yuasa, Myo Nyein Aung
Conference Name: The 11th Conference of Japanese Association for Digital Humanities (JADH2021), “Digital Humanities and COVID-19” 6-8 September, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Category: Short Paper : Digitization under the pandemic
Date 8th September 2021

2. Title: Comparing Digital Gap Among Health Promotion Projects for Healthy Aging in Tokyo and Shizuoka, Japan
Authors: Nadila Mulati, Myo Nyein Aung, Yuka Koyanagi, Yoshihisa Shirayama, Motoyuki Yuasa
Conference Name: MaeFah Luang University 2021: Virtual International Conference Series “Moving Forward in Unity: Nursing through the COVID-19 Pandemic
Category: Oral Presentation
Date 22nd November 2021

3. Title : Comparing Utilization of Digital Technology in Community-Based Health Promotion Programs for Healthy Aging in Tokyo and Shizuoka, Japan
Authors: Nadila Mulati, Myo Nyein Aung, Yuka Koyanagi, Yoshihisa Shirayama, Motoyuki Yuasa
Conference Name: Japan Society for Health Promotion, 18th Online Academic Conference / General Assembly in Tokyo 2021, December 04 ― December 05, 2021
Category: Oral Presentation
Date 4th December 2021
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