Healthy Ageing


Community empowerment is central to healthy ageing communities. Many cities in the world are investing in age-friendly environment. After retirement, older people are healthy productive and participating in civic activities. Recently these activities are named as community based social innovation (CBSI). Those are unique across the globe. In Japan, Kizuna saloons, exercise activities and silver citizen clubs are flourishing diversely in every city. We will observe such activities and highlight the notable events in this web page.
Furthermore, social prescribing is nowadays a practice in many places of the world. It keeps the people connected and integrated to the society through social participation. We will observe such activities and highlight in this page.
Broadly we are so interested in health promotion activities through the generations happening everyday in different places of the world. We would like to learn, highlight, connect and share lessons and experiences.

Intergenerational, care prevention exercise at Tokyo Ariake University of Medical and Health Science

Kamishibai (paper play) event an old-styled form of Japanese street theater and storytelling at a community center in Sakata City, Yamagata

Chorus, a form of CBSI event at Saiwai community center, Kawasaki

Community group exercise in Suginami Tokyo: The regular group exercise for care prevention has been organized by Suginami Coop for almost twenty years. A good example of CBSI in Japan