16th Digitally Inclusive, Healthy Ageing Communities (DIHAC) Study Cross-cultural Exchange Meeting on 20th April 2023


16th Digitally Inclusive, Healthy Ageing Communities (DIHAC) Study Cross-cultural Exchange Meeting

Digitally Inclusive, Healthy Ageing Communities (DIHAC) is a cross-cultural study primarily based on Japan, Republic of Korea, Singapore and Thailand, and expanding to several countries through collaboration and network.

In this 16th DIHAC meeting, we will learn the impact of conversation on older persons’ health and quality of life from the Republic of Korea and Japan. Experts from ROK will present how the “Artificial Intelligence (AI) call”, care conversation, brings older persons to the care services, promoting access to care, safeguarding those people living alone. Presentation from Japan will share decades-long experience of chorus and assemble in the community. The speakers are musicians who initiated and sustained community chorus in order to keep older persons connected, healthy and happy.

It is great pleasure to announce the upcoming 16th DIHAC meeting which will deliver interesting cross-cultural experiences. We want to share this learning opportunity with our friends, colleagues, experts, scholars and researchers around the world.

Chairperson of the meeting is Associate Professor Carol Ma Hok-ka, PhD, Head, Master and PhD of Gerontology Programmes & Senior Fellow (Service-Learning & Community Engagement), Centre for Experiential Learning, S R Nathan School of Human Development, Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS).

Participants are multi-disciplinary researchers, global health researchers, epidemiologists, sociologists, medical doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, NGOs, NPOs, and PhD students from Japan, ROK, Singapore, Thailand, Kenya, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, South Africa, Ukraine, the Netherlands, U.S.A and the UK.


20th April 2023

18:00 to 19:00 JST (Tokyo, Seoul time) 

in Zoom, by invitation

Meeting Access to register

(Please register by 20th April 2023 if you are interested! limited seats)

Socializing (5 minutes) PI Associate Professor Myo Nyein Aung, Juntendo University, Department of Global Health Research, DIHAC study team and international participants

 Professor Carol Ma Hok-ka, PhD, Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)

Opening Speech of the Chairperson

(5-10 min)

Presentation 1: Korea

Speaker: Sang Hun Ok, Global AI business, Republic of Korea 

Title – CLOVA Care Call: An AI call to confirm one’s safety with a natural conversation for elder who lives alone
(20 minutes)

Presentation 2: Japan

Speaker: Yukari Ikeda池田 由香利  and Shiori Ikeda 池田汐里 (エーデルYS.com)

​Title-  介護予防の音のおしゃべりコンサート

Title Concert and conversation for healthy ageing

(20 minutes)

Discussion and conclusion (15 minutes)

Chairperson: Associate Professor Carol Ma Hok-ka, PhD