DIHAC study cross-cultural exchange with Mie University, Tsu, Japan


DIHAC study collaboration with Mie University for Contemporary Advance in Global Health and Nursing

Department of Global Health Research, Graduate School of Medicine, Juntendo University, Digitally Inclusive Healthy Ageing Communities (DIHAC) study Principal Investigator, Associate Professor Myo Nyein Aung was invited to Tsu campus Mie University to give a lecture at the conference “Contemporary Advance in Global Health and Nursing” organized by Department of Public Health Nursing, School of Nursing Sciences and Mie University Graduate School of Medicine. The title of his lecture was Culturally Diverse, Community-Based Social Innovations (CBSI) for Healthy, Ageing and Digital Inclusion in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, and India. The lecture contents were CBSI applied in healthy ageing programmes in six countries analyzed in term of service delivery models. He shared contemporary advances in digital inclusion for the older persons, with different model of empowerment programmes in different cities.

Figure 1: Two speakers, Dean Professor Masuya Masahiro and Mie University faculty members and graduate students.

The event was chaired by Professor Masuya Masahiro, Dean School of Nursing Sciences. Professor Susumu Tanimura, Department of Public Health Nursing, Mie University, Graduate School of Medicine gave the second lecture entitled “Open data and geospatial analysis in Global Nursing “. The lecture informed geospatial analysis, open data sources for global health and nursing with new advance in R software package. He explained access to open data of countries and cities such as Demographic and Household Survey (DHS) data through Application Program Interface (API) in R.

Figure 2: Professor Susumu Tanimura and Associate Professor Myo Nyein Aung discussing the open data sources.

Two lectures were well received by the participants, graduate students and faculty members with interactive discussion. Discussion favored exchange of cross-cultural experiences useful for global health and nursing. The event was organized on 15th March 2024 and supported by Spring (Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by Next Generation). There are no COI to declare.