Dean Professor Eun Woo Nam shared Korean experiences of Digitally Inclusive Healthy Ageing Community (DIHAC) in South Korea, at Yonsei University, Mirae Campus, Wonju city, August 2022


DIHAC in South Korea at Yonsei University Global Health Centre, Wonju city 

Republic of Korea is world leader in digital technology and internet use. According to Kostat, the country is expected to see 24.3% of its population as over 65 years old by 2030.  Republic of Korea is an ideal place where population ageing, and digitization intersect. Digitally inclusive, healthy aging communities (DIHAC) is a cross-cultural study in Japan, Republic of Korea, Singapore and Thailand.  DIHAC Korea team has many fieldworks and community activities in August 2022 in collaboration with DIHAC researchers from Japan.

DIHAC Principal Investigator Associate Professor Dr. Myo Nyein Aung, Juntendo University, Tokyo, Japan, visited and interviewed Professor Eun Woo Nam, MPH, PhD who is Dean of College of Software and Digital Healthcare Convergence, Dean of Graduate School of Health Sciences, Director of Digital Health Care Center in Gangwon Innovation Regional Platform and Professor of Department of Health Administration, Yonsei, University. Professor Nam explained how the older Koreans are empowered to use digital technology in their daily life in current Korea.

In the interview, Professor Eun Woo Nam explained how digital technology, the use of mobile phones and cashless payment facilitates older persons’ daily life in Korea.  Life events can be captured in photographs and shared to friends. That keeps people socially connected. Everyone can have a credit or debit card. A credit card can be used for all the services and shopping in Korea even at the O-mochi (traditional rice cake) shop in the older part of the city.  Please see the YouTube. Location of the interview was at Yonsei Global Health Centre, 534 Chang-jo Gwan, Yonsei University, Mirae Campus, South Korea.

Photo:  DIHAC researchers, Korean team and Japanese team at the research meeting (19.8.2022)

Associate professor Myo Nyein Aung, PI of DIHAC study explained the concept of digital inclusion as a social determinant of the health. He presented DIHAC study overview, five years plan, timeline and progress to the team.

Photo: Associate Professor Dr. Myo Nyein Aung, Juntendo University, Japan sharing his concept of the digital inclusion as social determinant of the health with colleagues from Yonsei Global Health Centre at Mirae campus, Yonsei University, ROK

All projects in the Yonsei Global Health Centre and Wonju Healthy City projects are explained to Japanese team. DIHAC Japan team presented study background, protocol, and five-year collaboration plan. The teams worked together for instrument translation, and implementation plan. The visit consolidated mutual relation.

Photo:  DIHAC researchers, Korean team and Japanese team working at Mirae campus, Yonsei University elaborating the implementation plan

The researchers discussed to exchange digital empowerment and healthy ageing project experiences in Japan and South Korea. They prepared Korean version DIHAC survey questionnaires.


Photo:  DIHAC researchers, Korean team and Japanese team in the rural community near Wonju, South Korea (19.8.2022)

Photo:  DIHAC researchers, Yonsei Global Health Center team and Japanese team in front of the primary health post in a rural community near Wonju, Gangwon do, South Korea

Yonsei University Global Health Centre researchers carried out pilot study and prepared for full scale DIHAC study.  Furthermore, Juntendo University and Yonsei University teams observed the health and social welfare facilities in Wonju city in both urban and rural areas.

Photo:  DIHAC researchers, Korean team, Japanese team and community volunteers at social prescribing center at Little Library, Heungup Town, Wonju, South Korea

They participated in social prescribing project activity on 22.8.2022. DIHAC researcher Dr. Yuka Koyanagi from Tokyo Ariake university and Juntendo University shared care prevention exercise at Little Library social prescribing project led by Yonsei Global Health Centre.

Korea media reported about DIHAC study activities in Wonju city, South Korea.