Team Access for 15th DIHAC meeting on 9th March 2023

I would like to invite you to the 15th DIHAC study cross-cultural exchange meeting. We would be honored by your presence and discussion.
Digitally Inclusive, Healthy Ageing Communities (DIHAC) is a cross-cultural study primarily based on Japan, Republic of Korea, Singapore and Thailand, and expanding to several countries through collaboration and network. In this 15th DIHAC meeting, experts from Japan and Malaysia will share evidence and community experiences in implementing digitally inclusive, healthy ageing communities. Empowerment program created in Shibuya City, Tokyo may represent the best example of the current time. Colleagues from Malaysia will present advancement in medical practice through the application of digital apps.  It is a great pleasure to announce the upcoming 15th DIHAC meeting which will deliver world’s leading experiences together with evidence. We want to share this learning opportunity with our friends, colleagues, experts, scholars and researchers around the world.

Chairperson of the meeting is Associate Professor Qiushi Feng, PhD : Deputy Head, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Deputy Director, Centre for Family and Population Research (CFPR), Vice President, Population Association of Singapore, National University of Singapore.

Participants are multi-disciplinary researchers, global health researchers, epidemiologists, sociologists, medical doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, NGOs, NPOs, and PhD students from Japan, ROK, Singapore, Thailand, Kenya, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, South Africa, Ukraine, the Netherlands, U.S.A and the UK.


9th March 2023

18:00 to 19:30 JST (Tokyo, Seoul time) 

in Microsoft Team, by invitation

Meeting Access in Team: Click the link

Note: Please prepare to attend the meeting in advance. Please download Microsoft Team before the meeting. It may take a while to prepare. To use Microsoft Team, you will require a microsoft email account of your own or your institution.

Meeting Program

Socializing (5 minutes) PI Associate Professor Myo Nyein Aung, Juntendo University, Department of Global Health Research, DIHAC study team and international participants

Professor Qiushi Feng, PhD  from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, at the National University of Singapore,

Opening Speech of the Chairperson

(5-10 min)

Session 1

Presentation 1: Japan

Speaker: Takumi Suda MSc, PhD candidate, Department of Global Health Research, Juntendo University and Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology

Title –  The Journey of Japan Towards a Digital Society: The Past, Present and Future Perspectives
(15 minutes)

Presentation 2: Japan

Speaker: Shibuya city digital training project, Team leader Yoko Maruyama and Yasumasa Deguchi

Department of Social Welfare, Shibuya Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Title: The Digital Empowerment Program of Shibuya City, Tokyo, Japan to enable the Older Persons to Use Smart Phone (2021-2023)

(20 minutes)

Discussion for session 1 (15 minutes)

Session 2

Presentation 3: Malaysia 

Speaker: Dr Mohd Nazrin Jamhari, MD,DrPH Kedah State Health Department, Ministry of Health Malaysia and Faculty of Medicine, National University of Malaysia

Title: Development of Diabetes Mobile Application “My Diabetes Apps” to Improve Knowledge, Compliance and Disease Control: An Intervention Study among Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Kedah, Malaysia

(15 minutes)

Discussion and conclusion (10 minutes)

Chairperson: Professor Qiushi Feng

We look forward to seeing you.
Warm regards

Dr. Myo Nyein Aung
MD, MSc,  PhD 
Principal Investigator
DIHAC study
Associate Professor,
Advanced Research Institute for  Health Sciences and 
Faculty of International Liberal Arts and
Department of Global Health Research, Graduate School of Medicine
Juntendo University, Tokyo, Japan